Joe W. Davis, Owner
Age: 80 years

Joe started in business 53 years ago as a pipeline contractor.  Through the years the business has changed.  Conventional pipeline construction and maintenance was the first line of work.  Through the yers it has included an oilfield machine shop and also a drilling rig for traditional oilfield drilling.


Directional drilling for pipeline construction has been the primary ofcus for the past 26 years.

Prior to starting in business Joe workd for various contractors across the United States.






J. Douglas Davis, Owner
Age: 53 years
Married: 27 years

B.S. Petroleum Engineering - The University of Oklahoma
Masters in Business Administration - Southern Methodist University

Doug has worked for the family business for 28 years.  He has both practical field experience and an educational background in both business and engineering.

Doug has provided an engineering component to our business that few small contractors are able to enjoy.  Most of his time is used as an on the job field engineer.