Davis Directional Drilling L.L.C. specializes in horizontal directional drilling (HDD) for the pipeline industry. We have been in business since 1963 and have specialized in HDD's since 1989. It is our primary business focus.

The equipment we use is designed for the medium to large scale job. Typically this means 8-inch to 30-inch pipe sizes and lengths from 600 to 4,000 feet. We have worked in a wide range of different rock and soil formations. We have also worked in open farm land areas and congested city areas. We can generally be flexible enough to rig up on your project location if it can be done.

The majority of our work has been in Oklahoma and Texas. We have installed 315 directionally drilled pipeline crossings. I have included information sheets, resumes and magazine reprints of articles on several jobs. I feel certain that you will be satisfied with
our services.

We are able to service all of our customers' needs. Unlike most contractors, we have inhouse engineering. We also own our steering tools and perform our own guidance. This allows us to do a complete job without subcontractors. Another advantage of dealing with an older company like ours is that there is not the financial risk you often have when you deal with a leveraged contractor. We own all of our equipment, facilities and vehicles. We are an established company with experienced employees and a complete line of services.

An additional note about our company that makes us different than most of our competitors is the long time service we experience from our employees. Our average time of service is currently 15 years. We think this contributes to the quality and safe product that we are able to deliver. When a contractor has to break out a new crew on each job, their clients get a job that has rookie mistakes throughout. We think our work is demanding enough without those disadvantages.

In addition to time of service we should mention that we work on one project at a time. This sometimes makes scheduling difficult for us but the positive is your project will get our full attention. We all know it is a common problem for contractors to take too much work and have their experienced people spread out. This is not a problem with us. We like to say that everyone we work for gets the "A" team.